Making of fur.



Variants of the fur with different alpha brushes:




excellent stuff…thank you…but could you also supply the alphas?

please could i be cheeky and request that we could download these awesome fur alpha’s

That is quite lovely and I thank you from the bottom of the happy regions of my brain for sharing this knowledge!

Awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing :wink: :+1:

cool :+1:

Thanks a lot VoroN-art :wink:

Could you explain the different passes.
why dodging and burning is for and why the different blurs are used.
Is this to avoid noisy sculpts later?

is the result of experiments in photoshop and zbrush. attempt to make a brush for sculpting of the photo.
with the help of “Dodge” and “Burn tool” create the individual strands, “Surface blur” creates a rough basis for relief. Upper layer with “Multiply”-effect of adding small details over the basics. “Gaussian blur” avoids unnecessary noise by using a brush in zbrush
excuse my bad English :sunglasses:
in russian: с помощью “Dodge и Burn tool” создаём отдельные пряди. “Surface Blur” создает грубую основу для рельефа. Верхний слой с “Multiply”-эффектом добавляет мелких деталей поверх основы. "Gaussian Blur " позволяет избежать ненужного шума при использовании кисти в ZBrush
do experiment and get the best results!

YOu mind sharing those alphas? and or brushes?

Yes, please share them so we all can enjoy it.

Cool :+1: thanks

как раз то, что мне сейчас надо

Amazing technique :slight_smile: Never seen this before… very useful tip, many thnx for sharing :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I can see this as a solution to a hair problem that I have been having. Thanks

Isn’t the whole point that VoroN-Art generously taught us to make our OWN unique alphas? Thanks for the very useful tutorial. I’m now going to chase my dogs and my old kitty around with my camera and give it a go.


Thanks for the fur photos. It was very kind of you to provide these. I’m going to work on making fur alphas today! :slight_smile:

:+1: Thank you Voron that is just what I was looking for.

and feathers… :+1:

wow, this is awesome! will definitely come in handy… thanks for sharing :slight_smile: