Making of "Dr. Frankenstein 90210"


As most of you know, the Scared Silly contest was a terrific success. Everyone who participated had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the process! For those of us who couldn’t participate directly, it was still great to watch the many entries unfold.

Today we’re pleased to bring you the third and final “Making Of” article, written by Grand Prize winner Alex “Brutikong” Velasquez. He’s best known here at ZBC for his “Brutikong Thread”

Congratulations, Alex, for your terrific entry!
















good job :+1:

excellent - very original idea and I love the Rockwell look :+1:

Everyone knows that plastic surgery is just as dangerous as any other surgery.
Franky has been through a lot, I mean geesh, parts reconstruction, massive electrical life giving lightening, angry throngs chasing him through the streets with pitchforks. Do you think he’s really up to a tummy tuck! :laughing:

Excellent concept, construction, and shaders!!! Plus, where in the heck did you come up with such a funny idea?

Thanks for sharing:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

it’s too bad he lost his “greenness” didn’t even recognize him as Frankie, and that you could have but didn’t use zbrush for modeling the office. Although i’m confused as to how he’s fat yet has a sixpack.
Nice render!

Super cool , Nice Job!!
Love the Skin Shader.

You know, after seeing all the work and skill that went into these top three images, I think they all deserved to be in the top three.

You clearly put ALOT of effort into this with the limited time you had. It’s been a real joy watching this one come together.

Thank you for sharing this process with us, and I hope your new toy is fun to play with! :wink:

Congrats winning the Grand Prize!

Great work!!
and thx for your time to explain us your workflow.

Is it worth Top Row on these “How they were made” threads?

Hi man,
try follow your guidelines about passes and materials.
Could you explain some of your step?

  • could you post the setup about the modified quad shader?
  • when you render with other material, cavity pearl , skin mat…you render the mesh with the texture or only with the material?
Thx in advance

Great work Alex…
Congrats. Looking forward for some nice work from u.

Great Job Dear

Realy great Job.

Impressive and scarry… :+1:

I was wondering how it’s been going with the Cintiq? That was quite a prize, and since most of us probably will never use one, I’m interested in hearing about the experience. Since Brutikong hasn’t responded to the congratulations in this thread, I somehow doubt I will hear a response, but I’ll take a chance anyway.

slosh, apparently he already had one, maybe he uses them next to each other now.

so sorry I haven’t seen any comments on this thread… I don’t get emails when someone posts on this thread since I didnt start it or respond in it.

I feel a bit like a dead beat dad… I won’t comment on the older posts except to say thank you everyone and I appreciate that you got some enjoyment or insight from my work.

But slosh The cintiq is a fabulous thing… I can’t use a tablet anymore… I’ve been using it for several years now. It just removes another barrier between you and your model… Zbrush + Cintiq + 8 gigs of RAM is the best thing you can do for modelling skills. And yeah I had two of them. I set them up side by side… but realized that was a little overkill, so I gave the other one away to my brother for christmas… I think hes making spreadsheets or something with it…



Awesome work. :+1: