Making of Chase Me

Dear fellow user of zbrush,

I’m happy to present you my last work, Chase Me.
Chase Me is an hybrid film between CGI and stop-motion. It’s a 3D printed Movie.
Everything was made in CG first, then for each frames, i 3D printed a model. Than mean to complete the 3 min of my short, i needed to print 2500 prints.

I want to show you some behind the here because i deeply used zbrush from sets to characters.

I won’t detail all the sets and characters but i want to go through few of them.
The first one is a “giant” tree : I made the basic geometry in maya and after everything was in place, I begin sculpting with zbrush. I like using the clay brush to build up the forms and after that dig in with specific alphas.
I have not spent to much effort on adding lot of details because i knew the 3D printer will somehow smooth that out but I took care to accentuate them.
Actually, i was surprise how far the printer (Form1+) was able to perfectly recreate the shape.

Because my short is 3D printed the work didn’t end up here. I had to cut my sets in many parts to fit in the 3D printer then glue them together. I have 12 sets and i did that all the time.









My sets wasn’t the only things that went through zbrush. I also did some work for my characters. I did a quick sculpt for my main character, a young girl, to add details on the dress and hair.

The more challenging part was the animation of the second character, the shadow. On every shot, the shadow stretches, deforms and transforms.
For that I made differents blendshapes in zbrush to be able to transform the shadow like when it become like an eagle.

The CGI took me 4 months to be completed and 2 years for the entire short.

The movie won’t be online soon but you can see a little trailer and a making of here :

Very nice, really dig it! :+1:

great work

Wow, that’s awesome!

I have to admire your dedication to your work. I did a degree in animation some time ago and know full well how time consuming it can be.! excellent use of 3d printing as well.
excellent job.!

I like it! cool!:+1:


Thanks a lot guys !

I have been waiting for this one! Amazing film! Congrats:+1:……

Admirable dedication and craftsmanship!
What an amazing and innovative project!

Can’t wait to see more!

ye! that was really cool. can’t wait either to see more from you.


Wow…I so looking forward to the full length film!

sweet … nice work

Thanks !!
My short won’t be online soon, it has to go through festivals first.
If you’re heading to few of them, the next ones in august will be rhode island and siggraph. I will also do a more in depth talk there.

what a crazy idea! but somebody had to do it!

can´t wait to see the final movie!

Hahaha - crazy is something I had in mind too - beside sensational, excellent, awesome and unique for sure!
Can#t wait to see the final.
Good luck for the festivals, you’ll be in discussion for sure.
No matter which prize you’ll finally win.

Great effort! very nice:)

Well Done!