Making Human Eye Iris with Insert Brush, WIP.

Has anyone else ever tried making the human eye iris with Insert Brush instead of sculpting? I’m playing with this at the moment, using a Cylinder 3D converted to a single long thin cylinder, applied to the eye with Radial Symettry, then duplicating/rotating several times and using Smooth on the ends to thin them.
The whole idea is that when I get it right it will be possible to keep a Master copy and just tweak the strands to make different Iris shapes, rather than have to sculpt the Iris all over again. Another benefit is the file size when working can be kept lower, the one in the pics here is 1.8 million points as opposed to a 9 million version I was sculpting on.
Anyway, the pics show where I am at present. If anyone has tips for improvement, I would appreciate them.