Make1Mesh - plug-in for Zbrush3

It makes 1 PolyMesh3D, from a Tool with multiple SubTools.
The Sub-D level of each SubTool at the time of activation, is the one that gets used. Also, each extracted SubTool gets polygrouped, so if you were to split the resulting single mesh using “GrpSplit”, you will get the same SubTools you had before.

Download Make1Mesh plug-in [http://www.mediabakers.com/files/Make1Mesh.zip](http://www.mediabakers.com/files/Make1Mesh.zip)

WoW great plugin game master works a treat :+1: alot easyer than the other method.:slight_smile:

Excellent work!

A much needed expansion,
THank you for doing this for us :):+1:

Great work, thanks! It might be useful to have a warning when the resulting mesh is going to exceed the maximum as set in the Preferences:Mem:MaxPolyPerMesh slider. Interestingly it’s possible to exceed the limit without ZBrush complaining but there’s presumably a point where it will cause problems. As each subtool can be up to the limit it’s very easy to exceed the max when you combine them.


Very useful, thx Game Master!:wink:

Great stuff man, thanks ! :wink:


awesome! this could be just the solution I was looking for. :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing it, Game Master 770!


Edit You just saved me a ton of anguish and tedium…where do I
email the beer to? :wink:

Thanks GameMaster!
Cant belive ZB3 doesnt have a feature to collapse subtools natively :confused:

Thank you!


not sure but in some thread was mentioned something like group tool in counter part of the split group buttom:D

Thanks GM,

One or two suggestions for the next release: Why not have the final file name include the word “merged” or something similar, to differentiate it after we run your plugin?

The other thing that might be helpful: offer the option to merge only the visible subtools…

Anyway, excellent work! I’ll be using it regularly.


Hey, very nice! Thanks much.

Like all the other, I want to thank you Game Master 770

Your suggestions for improvement are all good.

EZ - suggested I make polygroups, which I added already in v1.0 :+1: (he tested pre-release)
marcus_civis - sugested testing polygon ceiling, and I’ll probably add that, in addition to your new polycount, with the end text.
Svengali - suggested I add the word “merged” to the name, and I agree. At the end or the beginning is prefered??
Svengali - also suggested to do only visible SubTools, and I wanted to do this also, but my tests have not gone well for this. The most consistant way to navigate subtools, are the up/down arrows. Doing so changes visibility of the current tool, and using the scroll bar is tricky. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but this one is tricky.

So next ver will likly have a new name, and polygon count, but not sure about only visible SubTools.
Any more suggestions?


Thanks GameMaster!

Two things:

  1. In my view, the visibility of the subtool really has to be specified as whether the Eye icon is on or off. As you observe, the active subtool is always visible, whether the eye icon is on or off. You can test for the active subtool, and add that to the visible subtools but I think it confuses the issue.

  2. Whilst tricky the scrollbar is the quickest way to move between subtools. You can get to the top, without affecting the Eye icon, like this:

[VarSet,totalSubTools,[StrExtract,[IGetTitle,Preferences:Misc:SubTools Count],10,256]]
[ISet,Tool:Sub Tool:SubTool ScrollBar,0,totalSubTools+7]
[IClick,Tool:Sub Tool 0]

The bottom subtool is this:

[ISet,Tool:Sub Tool:SubTool ScrollBar,0,0]
[IClick,Tool:Sub Tool 0]

You can find the position of the scrollbar at any time by using [IGetSecondary, so it’s a simple matter to loop through all the subtools and store the scrollbar position for any that are visible.


Thanks for the insights Marcus. I’m in the middle of rendering out an animation from Modo, so my PC is bogged down for the weekend, and there is no Mac version to test on with my Mac-mini. :cry:
I hope when the Mac version comes out, I can have Zbrush3 on both machines. :rolleyes:

Anyway, thanks agian for the code insights on the scrollbar. It’s the only part I didn’t fully grasp yet, during my subtool tests. It should help bring out the “visible SubTools only” feature, I wanted in there from the start.

It appears if you test the selected subtool with the IGetFlags command, it returns 10 if the subtool is set to NOT visible and 11 if it is.

To add to that, if you test a subtool that ISN’T currently selected, it will return an 8 if it is NOT visible and a 9 if it is.


Thanks Svengali. I picked up on the 8/9 flags already, and but didn’t catch the 10/11 difference, and that was likly the part I needed. :+1: Probably have an update mid week. BTW, you didn’t answer my question. If I add the word “Merged” to the name, should it be in the beginning or end? The ZB standard is top put things like this at the end, such as “clone” or “PM”, to indicate what the source of the Tool was. But that won’t make it easier to find, and that’s the point for this one. I would place it at the front, followed by an underscore, but people other than me should realy chime in on that.

I’d prefer it at the front if given a choice, but either would be fine, since I
just save it out immediately after merging. I personally find the ‘Copy1’
pasted on the end of a tool makes it a bit harder to decipher amongst many

As a side note, it will be quite nice to have the ability to ‘merge visible’ or
‘merge hidden’ subtools…looking forward to it, Game Master 770. :wink: