Make Sketchbook Go Now!

I’ve been following the many awesome threads on this forum for longer than I’d care to admit, and I’m at the point where
I finally have a small amount of work that is worth posting alongside the incredible stuff I’ve seen here.

These are random samples of what I’ve been working on so far. Some are rough studies, others (like the robot) are WIPs that I will be updating.

As far as the anatomy images go, I know I’m falling short in some areas, so I’m set up for Scott Eaton’s Artistic Anatomy class later this month. I’ll be posting my progress throughout the course.

Comments and crits are appreciated. I certainly need both.














Ha, this is ALL great. I think your an accomplished artist already!
Best on Scotts course (the man is really good at what he does). Best.

Good first post. Keep it up!

Thanks for the replies! More to come…

Working on improving my anatomy sculpting lately. These two studies are part of an effort to create a couple of good generic base figures from which I can sculpt more realistic figures. Still tweaking the details on both of them, but I thought I’d share at this point. I’ve been staring at these for too long to be objective, so comments and crits are greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to point out that the planar statue from davidness was a huge help for me. I don’t have the physical model yet, but just going off of the pictures of it I was able to correct some major anatomy misconceptions I had. Here’s his thread:

Nice anatomy on both there!

Thanks Icebox!

I’ve been working on the overall forms a bit more, and I’m slowly working out a few more misconceptions about body structure. I resculpted the female model, but I have yet to add any final details. If anybody can catch any glaring anatomy errors, let me know. I’d appreciate any feedback.