Make a character pose in ZbrushCore 2021?

I’m new to ZbrushCore. I have been working on a T pose character and have it ready to pose. I can’t find any videos or documentation on how to pose a character in ZbrushCore. Any help or links appreciated.

Hello @Sladus,

Your posing options in ZBrushCore are more limited than ZBrush. The transpose action lines (Move, rotate, or scale mode with the Gizmo 3D button deactivated) used in conjunction with soft-falloff masking, will allow you to bend and deform the mesh into a pose.


However, this will be easiest to do on the lowest subdivision level of a multi-resolution mesh. The fewer points there are on a surface, the easier it is to target points precisely, the less prone to surface distortion it will be, and the easier it will be to correct the surface in the event of unwanted distortion.

This will require a bit of planning in ZBrush Core, because it does not have high resolution detail projection tools. This means you would need to establish your base level form first before creating any finer detail, clean up the topology with ZRemesher, and then subdivide it several times before working on detail. When you pose the figure at the base level of subdivision, the higher levels of subdivision will update with the changes.

You can pose a higher resolution mesh at a single level of subdivision, it just won’t be quite as easy.


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