Major Motoko Kusanagi

Hi folks :smiley:
I made this model during a workshop for 3D print with Bernardo Yang, which was amazing, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about how to develop a sculpture for 3D printing.
I also have the pleasure to work with some amazing artists that gave me great feedbacks, so thanks Nilo, Ricardo and Eduardo for all the tips.


Wonderfully done. Looking forward to seeing it printed.
For keys I usually add them then do a duplicate and boolean subtract from the adjoining piece.
Is their a way to constrain the draw on an insert mesh to regulate its size?

Great job! Thank you for the breakdown and explanation. This is exactly something I’m trying to do myself.


Hello Wilbert thanks
To regulate the size of the insertmesh I just set the size of my brush, then hold Ctrl that way the size will always be the same. =)

Hey Rogfa Thank you very much.
I’m glad you like breakdown ;D

Based on a artwork by Shuohan zhou.
Zbrush and Keyshot.

I made this model based on a artwork from Leroy Van Vliet
You can check more of this amazing artist here http://leroyart.com/
I did this during my lunch time at work to practice Zbrush.No symmetry for this, I sculpt already in the pose from one single mesh, and I tried my best to capture the right feeling.
Thank’s for watch :wink: