MAHstudios Intro Logo Video

Created a Logo intro sequence for a Showcase Video I am creating. Would like to know what you think of the Flyin (the rest of the Showcase is coming shortly).




:cool: cool logo MTB like the sound effects also what prog did you use to make this?

Thank you.

• Photoshop (Background)
• Illustrator (Logo splines for C4D)
• Cinema 4D (Logo creation and animation)
• Particle Illusion (Particle fly-through)
• After Effects (Video Editing and some Compositing)
• Sound Forge (Audio editing)
• Vegas (Video/Audio compositing, Movie Rendering For DVD)

In about that order too.

Ah, very cool! No comments on the visuals. I would look for a better sound for the last effect though. (the dissapearing of the logo) It sounds a bit low quality.

Great work, impressive and captures the attention. I agree about the last sound effect though. You want it to sound expectant and leading you in, rather than fizzing out.

Thank you all very much.
Can’t fool any of you all!

That is actually going to start the music of the presentation.
A very high energy song.

Just have a placer sound there for now. Would still need to make i a tastier sound though for when this is going to be a stand alone intro so thank you all very much for that feedback.

Much appreciated.


looking very cool, i really like the colour scheme the only thing i would suggest is just before the logo rests in its final spot, it is heading one direction, then it changes, it just makes the animation jerk a little to me, other than that its pretty awesome