mag's WIP thread

loving the new dynamesh. trying to get better with classical anatomy. top pic is further along than the bottom, but I include for clarity.



my icon never showed up. must be mercury retrograde. trying again with this post. An hour has past and i’m not a new user so it must be a glitch.

Your icon IS up and looks great, do your self a favor and dont send up another they can get you in trouble.
Andnice sculpt by the way!


thanks - i did have to repost the icon though.

played with some material blending in photoshop, will try in in the bpr renderer next time.

Nice model coming along. Dynamesh is really cool… it lift previous restriction about modeling and sculpting. Looking forward to seeing more!

cruising on the retop of this guy.

retopo done on these parts - onto the rest. mecha_sheet4web1.jpg

just some sculpting practice from an Olmec head olmec4web1.jpg

olmec_head4ZBC1.jpgfinally getting the hang of layers and Zapplink compositing

Back to this dude… a long way to go yet.

troll_render4web1.jpgthis really is turning into a WIP thread — ahah so much anatomy to fix - but i think it’s getting better no?

two updates this time… troll_render4web2.jpgtroll_render4web3.jpg

Interesting thread!
Great shading on the last one!

thanks man. I’m loving zaplink for compositing materials together.

change of pace. moth4web1.jpg

looking real good man! I really love your Bug! Looking forward to seeing it poly painted!

hey thanks Gridlost - thinking some garish neons and pastels on the polypaint.