Hello everybody,this is my new project.

He’s a magician, but he’s tired of killing and fighting in the outside world.He chose to live in a cave.Study magic here,Because he was afraid of loneliness, he raised a monkey.

He wants to create a magic that can stop people from fighting and killing

My project Models are produced in Maya and ZBrush, Map making using subtance painter and Mair, Rendering using Arnold.

I hope you like it ,Thank you!


in substance painter


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Beautifully done!

Yep, we’ll see this on top row. :slight_smile: well done !:+1:


Details yes, but his face has the soul.:+1:

Blessings for the last days of the year of the monkey, plenty of space on his other shoulder for a rooster methinks.


Love the punchiness of his markings, they give it a real vibrancy that makes you feel like he’s otherworldly. Dig the mini-armor set on his pet also!

Whoa that`s masterful, how long did you take to make a piece with that enormous amount of details?

nice execution! awesome amount of detail! really jawdropping! o.O
the only thing that i miss is the credit to the concept artist… its a concept from the chinese xioadi https://drawcrowd.com/jinxiaodi198128b




Terrific job! I actually like your version much better than the concept, but yeah - it was bad form to not give due credit to the concept artist whose work your image is so heavily based on.

Awesome job.

Pretty slack not to give credit to original concept artist. I like your work but the concept holds more character. I’m mystified by the origins of the sorcerer in tbe concept due to his otherwordly appearence. You capture an old man, very typical of a wizard/sorcerer which is why the original concept fascinates me.

Beautifully done!