Hello everyone,

I originally wasn’t going to post these because I was just shy of finishing Dominance War III (just couldn’t nail the beauty render down) but a friend talked me into it. Basically he is a invoker and has a cancerous sand/earth spreading out across his face. (Based off of the DWIII rules). The entire model is around 100 million polys last I checked. You can find the original thread HERE.


Edit Thanks to zbc for allowing me to upload the files. I’m sure the company that hosts my website thanks you as well. Have used a lot of bandwidth the last month. :stuck_out_tongue:




Great character and amazing modeling.:+1:

The whole pieces looks really strong, but the armour in particular looks really great! I also like that the wrinkles don’t seem over-used. They seem to support the rest of the sculpting without calling a lot of attention to themselves. great work, keeep it up!

Wow! Great Work! Good Luck for the Competition! :slight_smile:

Amazing! i love this one. Cool design :+1: .

very impressive amount of detail.
looking good.


Thanks for the comments everyone!

pOiNtPuShEr: Thanks, I tried to be pretty selective about where I added wrinkles.


Great attention to details. The face is discusting ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Sculpt man!!!


The charcter reminds me of the Mr X from silent hill. The Face is creepy as hell. Nice model.

Wow! Talk about a blast from the past. lol Thanks for the kind words Mr_Mister01.

Take care,


Wow! This guy is one of the most impressive sculpts I have seen on this site. I just love his design and can tell you put a lot of love into this one.

The complete pieces seems really very hard, but the weapons in that separate form seems really fantastic.

i like details. but in my opinion you put too many details in face.the rest of body/armor are fantastic…