Made in the Abyss


HI everyone this is my first post here of Reg from Made inthe Abyss. Hope you enjoy would appreciate any helpful feedback i only been using zbush for a few months i study and practice everyday it has become my passion ans i want to improve really bad as i build my portfolio i want to give thanks to Mike pavlovich, Joseph Drust, Paul Gaboury for all the instruction they have provide i cant get enough. I also want thank everyone at pixilogic and artstaion for creating such an awesome community i been waiting for this all my life.


reg 06.jpg

reg 07.jpg

reg 08.jpg

reg 09.jpg

reg 01.jpg

reg 02.jpg

reg 03.jpg

reg 04.jpg


I made Reg and Riko together since their base shape is the same but she was far more compicate and very fun to do