Madame Gina

“Porco Rosso” fan art. :slight_smile:
I used the original sky and island . Just added a few fixes that I need

Gina_01_04.jpgGina_04_01_1500.jpgGina2_02.jpggeometri _02.jpggeometri _01.jpgref list.jpg





geometri _02.jpg

geometri _01.jpg

Wow I knew it looked familiar! Great rendition.

Thank you very much)))

That’s a good work and from the thumbnail I recognized Gina / Porco Rosso :slight_smile:
I would fix a little bit the face, I think it’s too long, mainly the part below the eyes. It makes Gina face not as smooth as she is in the movie. My 2 cents of course :slight_smile: