M.N.-T15 / Insectoids

This Mantis model was made almost entirely during our Twitch Streams! Visit our Keos Masons Twitch or Youtube page in the link below!

Also, this is a proof of concept for a collectibles/garage kit I intend to have printed if the demand is good!

If you are interested to get one, please visit https://keosmasons.com/shop/ and click on this collectible to send me your information so you can join the newsletter to get more information when we move forward!

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This is so awesome!
I’m learning so much just watching you do your thing, thank you very much for this!

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The attention to the functional detail elements is amazing, same with the overall design :trophy:

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was watching the stream archives! so much infomation provided :slight_smile:
love it <3

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Awesome work!!

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Thanks everyone! It’s much appreciated!

INCREDIBLE! do you teach people how to make stuff like this on your YT Channel? if so ive GOT to start watching! i WISH i could do hard surface in ZB like this! ive been learning, but i feel like its been kinda slow going. but im finally at a place where i can make knives and stuff with a Sharp edge to them, but this is just on a WHOLE other level!

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Bravo ma cocotte!

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Gremlin, yes we do! Come check it out!

Guillaume, merci dude :wink:

This is one of the best hard surface design I’ve ever seen. Awesome!

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so cool i really like this mod :heart_eyes: