Luis "Huicho" Ramírez

This was my submition for MNuñez Superhero challenge, downhere the backstory i built for him.
Once a humble Food Truck employee, until he found his grandpa’s mask in the attic, he went and asked his grandmother about it, she told him about the great feats in the ring of his late Granpa, Alejandro “El Venado de Fuego” Ramírez. Jokinkly after this, while in his room, he put on the mask and did a jump from his bed, imagining he was jumping from the third rope. Unknowingly, when he opened his eyes, he transported himself to the great Spiritual Ring, where the spirits, including his grandpa, received him, and encommended him in bringing balance to the good & evil forces in the world. How you may ask yourself? In what a better way, than challenging his opponents to a Lucha Libre for the might and glory in the Spiritual Realm, where he can embrace the powers of his Huichol Mask, using both the ancient fighting techniques and the power of his families protector familiars (Deer and Eagle).