Loving ZBrush more and more.

This is my first model in ZBrush made from dynamesh, and is not from a MAYA base mesh. I’m starting to get the hang of ZBrush, and loving it more and more. Still getting use to posting in ZBrush Central; bare with me advice or critiques welcome.

Testing lighting; first go at it, still need to add a few more elements.

Tablet created in MAYA and textured in ZBrush; W.I.P.

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Fan Art for Marvel’s Black Panther, hope the move is incredible.




Hustler Main Comp.jpg

_BP Process 1.jpg

BP_Render 2.jpg

Hustler BPR_COMP.jpg

Keep at it, can only get easier and better. Digging the Black Panther work, eager to see additional work.

Thinks existe; appreciate the vote of confidence.

I steel need to pose him, I’m just getting Transpose Master down to the point I can made a dynamic pose; will post that soon.

B P Layout 3 No Noise.jpg