Love,peace and understanding :)

My new personal projekt.Rendered:Keyshot
Simple Caly buildup and polish and rake brush. :slight_smile: And passion. :slight_smile:
Pls take a look.
Stay Safe Stay healthy.

My basic Keyshot_Terracota mat :slight_smile:


That’s a lovely bust! Nice texture and brush detail on the surface.

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Thank your Comment :slight_smile: Im happy to with it.

I love it @brudva ! Great sculpt, love the details!:wave::wave:

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Thx PRABHAT MAJUMDAR its great to read :slight_smile:

This is wonderful! Do you mind giving some details on the material you used? Or how you made it seem like real life clay :see_no_evil:

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Well done @brudva, both sculpting and surface texture :+1:

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Ist a very simple keyshot custom material today i make shot from it :slight_smile:

Thank You Jaime!!!
This was a great Sculpting time with ZBrush. :slight_smile:

You can chek the material on the last pic.Cheers Rudolf

Awesome piece. Love all of the movement.

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Thank You Paul ,my next sculpt will be also like this just bigger​:grin: