Lounge Singer Pinup

Another pin-up/fanart, loosely based on sketch by Shane Glines



Spectacular! Great, sculpt and render!

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Very nice @v_vertex love the pose and expression as they go hand in hand well :slight_smile:

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Lovely modelling , lovely colours, lovely details, lovely lighting , lovely line and rhythm.
It’s a whole lot of lovely is what it is :+1:


@Thom_R thank you :blush:

@Jaime cheers mate glad to hear it :smiley:

@boozy_floozie thanks man! appreciate it, well what can i say the original sketch is lovely :wink:

Love Shane’s work, and you did his work justice.

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Excellent! :+1:

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@Dragon Thank you :+1: :pray:

@marcus_civis cheers mate appreciate it :grinning:

I forgot to attach Shane’s sketch last time. Looking at it now i see i’ve lost a bit of likeness somewhere along the way :wink:


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So amazed at how fluid is the original drawing! You’ve done it justice :wink:

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@Jaime cheers mate :pray: , as for original sketch same here im still amazed how a few lines can look so good, well the answer is simple Shane is The Master of curves :grin:

I want it on my desk! Love it!

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So good. Thanks for sharing.

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@Prabhat_Majumdar thank you glad you like it :smiley:

@PixoPaul cheers mate appreciate it :pray:

Great work! Thanks for sharing!

@ZMichael Thank’s a lot man ! :+1: :pray:

ohh great ,You have very well represented her…!

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@KalleshThippeswamy cheers mate glad to hear it :grinning:

Wonderfully simple. Would print well too. Wonder if you have tried? Thx for sharing

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@Create cheers mate glad you like it :smiley: , it was just a fanart so i didn’t thought about printing, but it would be a good excuse to finally buy a 3d printer :wink: