Lost soul

Hello, fellow ZBrush artists!

Here is my new work.
Its zbrush + substance + redshift

I made some very sketchy drawing as an idea to start
I used some base mesh for both girl and monster hands from previous projects, it saved me some time.
The most time was spent on hair and the rocks :slight_smile:

I made the stand keeping in mind that it can be printed in the future

Hope you enjoy it!


excellent Maria!!:v:

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good one :v::v:

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I like it!)

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Tú eres de las mias :D, me encatan ese tipo de estilos, ME ENCANTO como hiciste el cuerpo de la mujer, muero por llegar a ese nivel :smiley: . Si un dia tienes tiempo me gustaria que me explicaras o hicieras un video de como hiciste esa piel de la chica :open_mouth:

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Great one once again Maria. It will be a nice piece to have on the shelf for sure!

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Powerfull,hopfully she find a way out :))

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Thanks dude!

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Thank you! :relaxed::relaxed:

beautiful art… nice

You created amazing character. Beautiful piece.

Awesome, as always =) Like the forms of this creature and girl anatomy. Well done! =)