Lost beginner

Hello fellows,

      I know my question maybe weird but I am really looking for your help. I have been in 3D industry for a long time but I never reached for a good level because I am always learning different staff in 3D like modeling, sculpting, and animation. and at the end I always get bored and quit, but finally I decided to focus on one branch but I am really confused about what to keep going on. I really love sculpting at zbrush but at the same time I like animation and I can't learn both I think. so from your experience guys, is it possible to learn sculpting and animation? and is it possible at the same time or I should learn every branch separately?

To make it short: Is it possible to learn animation and sculpting? and If it’s possible should I learn both at the same time? If not possible, how can I make such a decision if I really like both branches?

                                                                 Thanks in advance,

Do you want to learn both?
Having the ability to do them both wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it?

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I don’t know if I can that’s why I am looking for people who have similar experience. it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. ye! but many people advised me to just learn one because each branch has a really long path to walk through.

It is possible, many people are capable of both modeling and animation.

Theres no reason why not, just depends how much time and motivation you have.

If you wanna do it, you can do it!

I know I’m a little late to the discussion, but ey… gotta start somewhere :wink:

Sure it is, but if you will be able to do so is something no one other than yourself can answer. The 3D software which I’m most familiar with, Daz Studio, can do just that: it allows to build up sceneries and if you want to you can also apply bits of animation to it. The software is freely available, but if you want to get more serious with animation then you’ll have to get a license for the full animation plugin.

Sculpting is obviously easily doable with ZBrush and models which you make in ZBrush can also be usable within other software, such as (for example) Daz Studio…

Small disclaimer: the only reason I mention DS is because this is what I’m familiar with, there are more programs which can combine modelling and animation.