Lord Voldemort

Finally done with my Lord Voldemort, did this for practice and learned a lot from it.
Special thanks to Scote for providing more reference. Thanks for looking.


Nice job dude!

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Thanks a heap man

Nice work Jeff, great job on the hand :clap::clap::clap:

Hey Thanks Jaime :slight_smile:

Im happy that you use the refs! Turn out very good. Like the pose

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Do you have Snape? Haha or any other characters from the movie I am planning to make a series

Ahaha no

It was a one off.

Hey brother. This is amazing, what talent!! I am building a Visual Pinball Machine with a Harry Potter Theme, and would love to have a life size version of this printed up for it. It’s for my own personal use. Possible to get a hires version of the full body with him front facing? I would gladly pay if you want. It would be amazing and I’ll send you a pic of the finished work. Russoh@bellsouth.net Thanks brother!

Hi Ken, thank you for the interest and I’m happy you like the model. Did you mean a 3D print? The model isn’t ready for printing I may have to fix and fill up some holes. Let me know, cheers!

I just need a high resolution jpg of the full body Voldemort that’s facing the screen. It’s exactly what I need and I’m going to print it out over 80” in height so the resolution needs to be good to give your artwork justice.

I see, let me know the dimensions then, also not sure how much to charge for that maybe just give me a fair digit? Thanks a heap!