Lord of The Damned

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Concept by John Kelly Pevahouse



Wow, this is cool. A really great design. I could see him lording it over the Paths of the Dead in Middle Earth.

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Glad you liked it, Thanks!

Amazing job, Congrats for the feature.

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Thank you :))

Excellent work! :+1:

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Thank you Marcus!

Outstanding piece.

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Thank you Paul!

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Grrreat work! :+1::+1:

Amazing job, i love it !

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I am new here.

I thought I posted a reply, or sent you a message, but I think I ended up making a post on my own account.

I love your work, and themes.

I model similar Characters for a game that I am working on in Unreal.

Would you consider selling this model for game use, or would you be upset if I used it to model a similar character?

This is metal :metal:
Awesome job!