Lord of COVID! A warlord from Covenda Planet - Digital Sculpture by Surajit Sen

Wish to share one of my Concept creature Sculptures - “Corovic” , who is spreading the Covid-19 virus in the whole Universe!
My thoughts -
Lord of COVID!
He is a warlord from Covenda Planet.
Here are some basic information -
Name -“Corovic”
Description: A Humanoid creature
Physical condition - Strong / Bold / Clever
Genre: Male
Native Planet - Covenda

Goals - His plan is to destroy all life in the Universe, Main target Human Society on Earth.
He wants to bring stability to the universe by wiping out half of all life at every level.
He has the most powerful Staff “Coronas” in his hand, and in a fraction of a second he can spread one thousand billion viruses in the universe.

2_Corovic_Digital_Sculpture_SurajitSen_Jan2022A_L 4_Corovic_Digital_Sculpture_SurajitSen_Jan2022A1_L 5_Corovic_Digital_Sculpture_SurajitSen_Jan2022A_WIPAL 6_Corovic_Digital_Sculpture_SurajitSen_Jan2022A_WIPAAL 2_Corovic_Digital_Sculpture_SurajitSen_Jan2022A_L