Looking for someone who wants to learn Zbrush.

Hi…I am making a game/site that teaches zbrush. Very experimental type of game. I am looking for people to play it and give me feedback on it. Hopefully you might even learn something too!

Anyone interested? PM me!

Thanks guys!


i dont have a clue about zbrush but would love to learn. i am interested in this idea. whats the webby anyways so i can just ave a look. :smiley:

Sounds good to me! Student here, and need to learn a lot!

Whats the price?

Sounds good, can i hop on board?

hey im interested ill give it a try

go on then m8 im a noobie and i wanna learn this stuff. what have we got to do?

I would love to join your team and learn how to make games created by zbrush. :smiley:

i think this guy has forgot about his own thread lol. ah well. get in contact if you remember pal :smiley:

Imagine working with him.
JK, someone interested should pm him and also remind him of this thread.

i am very interested in learning brush , an academy of art student here doing animation and visual effects, please add me to your classes

definitely interested

I PM’d him a month ago - never got a reply - living in hope though!!

i’d be interested in checking it out if it ever happens

I’d definitely be interested, if this is still going ahead of course!

i would love to take part. i need to learn everything possible.

i would like to learn too.:smiley:

Hello i am New and also i am Intrested aswell

i would love to also, where can i access to it?

I would also love to participate