Looking for Mesh Fixers for large 3D printing project - paid and get a free 3D print!

Hey, if anyone’s interested in earning a bit of money using ZBrush there’s this brief on MyMiniFactory. All you need to do is fix up a scan of a sculpture. Example below.




25 $ buck for something that would take at least half a day if done properly ??

Those scans are horrible. You need a better scanning process which would save hundreds if not thousands of hours of post-scanning work.

Like Xtrm3d said $25 is very low for that amount of work. Good luck though.

Registered but can’t apply because of the rank system, how does that work, how do I increase my rank to ‘published’?

there arent decent scanners for this kind of project currently.

all are pretty shoddy or super hi spec. at least with scan the world project people can contribute without having to buy yet another piece of equipment.

its the start, and the scanning process we use is improving as we continue to learn through doing it.

zbrushers and photographer make up the project, its pretty cool.