Looking for 3D Artist / Modeler / Texturer / Animator

My name is Jack.

I am Project manager, Writer, Game Designer and CEO of Dream Games. A development team i put together a few months back. We are looking for a 3D artist to work on our new project described below. You can contact me directly through Email if possible or reply below if possible.


Game: Unique Online 1st / 3rd Person Zombie Survival Game.
Name: Erosion


Why is this game unique?
It prevents players from being able to shoot other players on sight, without losing the PVP aspect. It will encourage players to try to help each other more on random encounters for trading purposes or others, such as forming communities etc.

Zombies will be the main threat of this game which will also encourage players to work together at times. Players can choose to play any role they want when ever they want so no need to only choose to be a good guy.

Erosion will not be pay to win, but will have an ingame store. Buying items from the ingame store will not put players at an advantage over others. Building and claiming certain buildings will be possible, as well as random events, missions and others.

Job Offer:

3D Artist / Modeler / Animator


  • Must understand how to make high and low poly models such as characters and buildings.
  • Must be able to texture the models you create.
  • Must be able to animate.
  • if you understand how to implement lighting this is definately a Bonus but not required.

Work Hours:

We are looking for serious people who dedicate themselves to their work. We are not looking for AAA artists even though it would be nice. But we are working on a serious project and hope to work with people of a similar mind set. We encourage 4h daily.


You will earn an equal percentage of the profit that the game makes along with the rest of the team. We can not pay wages unfortunately, but we are still working hard as we know we will earn once we publish our game.


Email: t.g.r.thegamersreview@gmail.com

Looking forwards to working with you!

Kind Regards,