Long time no Z? :D

It’s been ages since I’v been on the forums or played with ZBrush, I’v givin ZSketch a go & it’s pretty nice. My first ZScetch Tool crashes ZBrush unexpectedly when I draw or preview it. This is Attempt number 2 :cool:



Hihi nice one with the ZSketch. Definently keep it up with the zsketching, you can go crazy with it^^
Overall forms and shape are great, maybe the arms are a little thin but depends :slight_smile:
One thing though, I learned in my online classes that when you do a human body with zsketch, you should
rather keep it low with the polycount, not to much detail in the beginning. For example the abs are not imporant
in the overall anatomical shape and forms.
Looking forward seeing more zsketches from you.