Hi guys! “Loish” is a fanart based in the concept of the amazing artist Loish Van Baarle. Was really fun and challenge work in this project, Loish have a impressive style and your illustrations have a lot of emotion, I was try do my best for made this 3D version, hope you like guys! :smiley:


Splendid piece @Geison_Araujo ! Such a great take from Lois’s outstanding 2D illustration. It’s exquisite :clap: Glad to see you posting.

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Thank you, Jaime!!! :smiley:

Amazing :heart::heart::heart:

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This looks great! What software did you use to render it? If you could share you compositing process I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the great work man!! :+1::+1:

Such a nice work inspired from the wonderful work of Loish.