Loish Gesture Study

Based on a wonderful sketch by Lois van Baarle. https://twitter.com/loishh/status/1257353196797902851

Zbrush for the sculpt using lots of dynamesh and zremesh final render in blender cycles.

Couple of turntables here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B1m50m or here https://www.instagram.com/dom.pearce/


You did a nice job capturing the lines in the original sketch.

Very nice, love the final result of this.

  • Joseph

Very nice, love the mood of this image :+1:

Thanks for the positive comments, i’m glad you all liked it :slight_smile:.

So tastefully done, great work! Shout to Lois van Baarle too :grin:

Love the gesture, and beautiful, soft flowing lines.

Great work, Dom!

Very elegant render and sculpt. congrats :slight_smile:

beautiful composition :blush:

this is beautiful!

Simple and beautiful with a really great composition. I love the flow of the model. The eye travels in a soft z and then returns to the top. Well done!

This looks so cool … Congrats