_LOad Sketchbook_

soo, this is my first true post here in zb central, i decided to post my works now , cos’ i have just completed a model for the " 80 / 90 Anime contest " on www.zbrushcentral.it .

![thumb slammu.jpg|392x235](upload://pk7KekBZm13DzACyzRS2UFV590m.jpeg) I have chosen "Big Slammu" one of the four Street Sharks brother :D the contest previewed the use of only zbrush software for modelling,texturing and rendering, exept for the lowpoly model , so i started this with zsphere and rifined a bit with softimage, the smoke effect is done with an alpha on the fog type of render.

hope u like it;)

[![Final smoke.jpg|1000x750](upload://iXajsyosMrqDHGEEeozX8zcsTYh.jpeg)]![slammu posa 5.jpg|1000x750](upload://eOPUPrUczZOSKN3LyXkFsNewPI4.jpeg)


Final random.jpg

slammu torso.jpg

oh! i forgot!

here the TURNTABLE

Very impressive e vey effective!
You did a great Job on the Street Shark!

Great work! I love those shoes :slight_smile:

Looks great! Although his belly button is in the wrong spot…

thank you guys!
@memania44 yeah maby during the mutation his belly button moves away :smiley: who knows!

Great work Load :smiley:
I really love the scene, crazy details like the shoes…and the face of the workin man :slight_smile:

i’ve just finished the making of
here’'s the links

Part 1: Modelling
Part 2: Posing & modelling
Part 3:Texturing & Rendering

ok hope u like it
cheers :wink:

Great work!

Superb model, texturing and videos! Great work LOad :+1:

Awesome models. Thanks for the videos, too. They help a ton with figuring out your workflow.

thank you fracture i wanna see yours now :wink:
and killahpriest i’m glad you like it , thanks for watchin’!

[thumb slammu video.jpg]

hi i wanna post an animation i made in xsi , always of Big Slammu
hope you like it


Cool! I like the energy of him breaking out of the street! The animation is cool to. I did notice the hips pops a bit funny around 4 seconds into it. Pretty cool though; are you going to do more with it?

thank you vancross !! :wink:
you’re right! there are some mistakes and maby i should fix it but , i’ve no more time left , so that’s all for now.

Damn. Actioned packed. I really like it, some great movement and a feeling of weight in the shark man. Keep it up.


Hello everyone, it’s so much time i did’t post anything on my sketchbook, but i wanna share to you , a character i did for testing a custom cartoon rig in xsi.
here’s the clay renders done in Maya and Mental ray

[attach=251929]4 poses.jpg[/attach]
[attach=251930]posa 1 head.jpg[/attach]
[attach=251931]posa 2.jpg[/attach]
[attach=251932]posa 3.jpg[/attach]
[attach=251933]posa 4.jpg[/attach]

and here some animation for testing the rig



hope you like it!


4 poses.jpg

posa 1 head.jpg

posa 2.jpg

posa 3.jpg

posa 4.jpg

love the clayrender! did you use maya skylight? :slight_smile:

beautiful and extravagant Character design, the walk is fantastic :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

thank you guys!! i’m glad you like it
i did not use the skylight , but just 3 area light and Final gathering.