Living fossil

Hey guys! here are the final renders of one of the latest short projects I developed during the #ZBrushLive sessions.

The final composition using Maverick for rendering:

Here is a closeup to the details at the back:

And a bit of the process in the stages (done over 3 streams):

The ZBrush Sculpt:

And the polypaint pass:

And here is an alternative render from Keyshot:

Clay render:

and a quick BPR with NPR filters just for fun:

More renders on my ArtStation


I made a quick reference guide and shared my render settings for the NPR filters to produce the Illustration style for this creature. Here is the link
hope you find this useful!


So cool Pablo! Was the last image an NPR render? looks so good :wink:

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Thanks Jaime! yeah, it is an NPR filter and then I just played with the levels in Photoshop (just because I ran out of filters haha I used the 12 slots).

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Your choice of filters and result totally fit the subject :+1:

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So cool dude!!!

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Great skin texture.

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Beautiful result - love the skin detail. NPR render came out great too :+1:!

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Really superb!

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Thanks mate!

Glad you like it :smiley:

Thank you! glad you like the end result.

Thanks Marcus!

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So beautiful , love wrinkle is perfect , Thank you for breakdowns .:pray::writing_hand::confetti_ball:

I love this species. You did a great work here, sir. Any tips for the eyes? I like how bright they are.
Best regards

this is beautiful … the wrinkles job is amazing

Awesome as always!