Live Project spotlight texture from a specific angle?



I am working on a concept for an organic CNC carving using multiple layers of different woods. If I take my sculpted item and project the layered texture with Spotlight from the side I can get I pretty good idea of the outcome. However, the result is static. After any changes made to the piece via sculpting I need to re-project the texture from the side. Is it possible with Spotlight or some other method to keep the texture projected while sculpting the piece? That way I could see the change in color dynamically as the different layers are passed through.

Thank you.

hi @gamplod , welcome on ZBC.

well I am not sure about what you are trying to do exactly, can you post a screen with the spotlight texture projected on the side of the mesh just to get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve ?

anyway you could simply create several planes mesh as subtools and add a texture map for every plane, so you can control the visibility from the side with the transparency mode enable.

Hope it helps,

The second image in the post is of the texture being projected from the side.

@gamplod - best I know of is to turn on the Draw | Floor, add the image to the Draw | Front-Back floor plane and turn up the slider Project to Mesh to 1. Image will project to the model and still be visible for a small rotation, maybe 30 degrees with reduced opacity.