Live boolean messy camoflage type surface noise issue problem

HI, i was hoping to get some help,
I’ve just installed zbrush 2019.1

I ‘duplicate’ my master subtool of a character, then seperate the ‘duplicate’ into sections using the looptool > delete hidden > close holes, (to remove the arms, I do not modify the model in anyway, other than this).
I then complete a ‘live boolean’ operation, the live render shows up absolutly fine and removes the object. I can fully rotate it and everything looks perfectly fine, however when I click I ‘make boolean mesh’ and ‘append’ the item, it comes through with a strange noise/camoflage surface layer that is not there previously?, the models are Identical in every way, its an exact duplicate???

I had previously tried this process/operation on a friends older version of Zbrush 4R8, and from what i remember the boolean process ran absolutly fine and seperated the items without this wierd surface noise. Is this an issue with 2019.1? Or is there a setting that needs adjusting? Or am I missing some thing?

I was wondering if someone could please help me resolve this issue?
Thank you.

Hi Brian.

A couple things.

! Be sure to grab the most recent version of ZBrush (Currently 2019.1.2) from your my licenses page. This is free for registered users, and it frees us from having to factor in possible issues with outdated programs.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do from your description. It would be helpful to see a screenshot showing the exact mesh youre trying to use to subtract from another and how it is positioned,without live boolean active so we can actually see the mesh. It would also be helpful to understand exactly what you want to do without worrying about the “how”. If all you want to do is isolate the arms from the body, there are a number of simple ways to do that.

I could be mistaken here, but it looks to me like maybe you are trying to subtract a portion of a mesh, with a duplicate of that mesh. The potential problem with that is that the subtraction mesh may not completely cover the target mesh. It may occupy mostly the same space, but there may not be enough overlap there to keep ZBrush from getting confused about what should be cut and what should stay.

Make sure any Live Boolean mesh completely envelops the mesh you want to cut away.

Thank you for your reply Spyndel, I’m very new to zbrush, only used it a few times trialed it on a friends computer. Then I purchased it 2 days ago, and downloaded 2019.1 direct from zbrush’s pixologic website, so not sure if that would have been the most recent version?.

I think i’ve Solved this problem and I think it was down to my lack of knowledge of how Boolean works. I thought I had tried this technique before deleting part of an object with a duplicate of that object. I think I must have been wrong and did it in a different way. I’ve been cramming the package hard the past few days and have overloaded myself with different techniques, I think i’ve realised Booleans are only good as a cutting tool as long as the cutting object is bigger than the one it’s removing rather than the same size.

Like you say there’s many different ways to get these kind of results, and in the end I masked the areas and split the arms this way (then filled the holes), which was way easier than using Booleans to attempt this.

Thank you for getting back though.

Kind regards,