Little Monkey

Model started Zbrush Beta testers in 2013, but with some other projects, I could not finish it. Finally I found time to finish this job and this is the result:
Cheers :smiley:





love the model and the sense of movement. Very well executed on the detailing! Top row for me!

Love it! You nailed that playfull, cute monkey look! Awesome

The pop-eyed banana is pretty funny too!

Lots to discover in cool action pose with a very funny banana :smiley:
:smiley: :smiley:

Glad to see this this finished =) Awesome stuff!


If you don’t squeal when you see the banana you have to be dead.
Hilarious. I love how you direct the eye so fluidly to the punchline.


This is really cute with fun energy! Really digging the craftsmanship and the pseudo realism!

hey guys
thank you very much
I packed a few things that did not like.


Been following your work for a while. Excellent job here! Realistic rendering of stylized models is always tricky but you manage to find a good balance in this piece. Great work!

Swinging monkey! He is cute. :slight_smile:

Really cheerful image – great modeling.

Nice work! Well done!

Excellent work, Igor!!! Congratulations!!!

Amazing work man!!! hope to see more!!!