Little Lookey Likey - Final pass

Usually I create most of my work in the winter and in the spring I revisit all my work for final color adjustments etc. Working this way helps me see things with fresh eyes.
Posted in this thread - the final pass of this scene adjusted for a little more pop and fizz.
little Looky Likey 2020_Mark Bannerman

Fear not I shall not inundate the forum with every adjusted and finalised post created earlier :slight_smile:

The first pass of this render I posted some weeks back in November. See here…

ZBrush & Keyshot



Nice to see and compare this version to the first pass.
Do you adjust this (and all your work) for printing or
is it just a matter of taste? If I may ask.

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Hi Jochen,
yes all work gets adjusted for paper reflectivity and paper soak , print scale as well as color harmonising across a group of pictures chosen for exhibitions so they all sparkle together etc.

By comparison to music I like to generate the gyst of the songs first and then mix down later. Separating creation from editing I find speeds up flow. :sun_with_face:

Splendid new pass, I’m all for spring, more pop and fizz :wink:

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Thank you Sire, nothing beats a little S, P and F :smiley:

really fun one!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mark. :smiley:

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nice work loving it :+1: :heart_eyes: :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Lovely Bee :smiley:

Pleasure Jochen - waving to you.

Thank you Vichar, looking forward to watching your Master’s talk. Best wishes.