Lioness... The true king!

Final render in Keyshot
Clay render
Fibermesh layers

more stuff at:


That’s bloody lovely. I didn’t realise Keyshot could render hair so nicely tbh.

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it!

Beautiful! Yes, Keyshot did render that quite nicely. I’ve always had issues bringing fiber mesh into Keyshot. Is this all fiber mesh? Or something else?

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Yes! It’s all Fibermesh and imported into keyshot as a true geometry :wink:

Many thanks man! Yes, It’s all Fibermesh :wink: With a little bit of patience it works very well.

Thanks man! It is really great combining Zbrush Fibermesh and Keyshot :wink:

Hey Jordi, great job on the fiber mesh :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks man! Fibermesh is a great tool to work with :wink: