Linux version of Zbrush?

After fighting my windrools box after some botched installs, I am fed up with it. Who the heck thought the registry was a good idea?

Conversely, I can’t bring myself to spend twice as much on a PC which has Mac logo slapped on it.

I used my Linux box for years, and if software didn’t install properly, it never hosed the USB subsystem, it never caused file browsing to get slower and slower, and it was cheap.

Why no love for Linux?

Holywood uses it. More and more high end 3d software is available for Linux.

It’s had STABLE RELIABLE SMP and 64 bit support for AGES. No more waiting on Vista to gets act together, or waiting for Apple to finish Leopard. Linux is here NOW. Z3 can scale to 256 cores? Linux can support that many. Gigs of ram? Trivial.

It has a variety of fast, reliable filesystems that are optimized for throughput, which would be a boon for Z3s streaming.

Even 32 bit linux is happy to run 4 gigs with a 3-1 software/hardware split unlike windows.

I know Zbrush uses it’s own homegrown UI library. So why no love? Please make me happy. I’m tired of fighting windows. I don’t want to pay 2X more just for the privilege of running BSD on a computer with a mac logo.

Mac is BSD under the hood. Surely a Linux port can’t be too hard…

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Please, for godsake do this! I don’t want to run Vista just to be able to use 8gigs with Zbrush, and I don’t want to pay the “Hip Mac” tax and wait umpteen more months for Panther to do the same.

Give us Z3 on Linux! :slight_smile:

yes, please!!! i wish me Z3 for linux :cry:

I agree! Linux version of ZBrush would be awesome!

Me too.
I used to have Windows 7 which was fine, now I have Windows 8 which is atrocious and unusable.

I would switch to Linux in no time flat.

Hey there, I know this is an old thread but are there any news on a linux version of ZBrush? Maybe in V5?

To my knowledge no linux version is to be seen. Sad to say but you have to resort installing windows…

I advice win7, which is surprisingly stable. The only version I didn’t reinstall from scratch, not one time !!!
(And experienced windows vets know how much it means !!! Think from win 2000 I reinstalled windows 200 different times apart from windows 7.)
Avoid win8 at all costs !!! It’s a real jump back into old windowsian hell.

And don’t bother to buy apple as it is a nightmare for 3D (and I think not only for 3D but I speak of what I know).
In my school we were about 25, only 5 on PC at the beginning and osX is NOT more stable than windows, quite the contrary.
This is a well marketed legend, which maybe was true at some point in computer history but certainly not recently.
After 3 years only the 4 student who went on to specialize in web did not switch to PC, plus 2 or 3 in 3D and compositing who didn’t have the money to switch (made a 6 years investment on a mac book pro instead of having been able to buy some top PC and to keep it updated), and I can tell you, they all have lost lots of hairs, some of them self-yanked, and they all swore they would switch on PC the very minute they could.

Ok, maybe I’m dramatizing a little, but only a little, and anyway the price difference is not at all justified. Moreover, stability is not only an OS issue, the softwares themselves can be the culprits, so the price difference isn’t worth it (as moreover the hardware is the same on mac and pc).

Though, it would be for sure very nice to have a linux version zBrush !!! But I’m afraid it’s not gonna happen any time soon.

Maybe we could all pray for it to happen, every night before going to bed, so this miracle could happen :lol:.

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Also waiting for linux version :slight_smile:

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I would like this too.
Very very much

Maya, Substance painter, Arnold, Renderman, Nuke, Modo, Houdini, what happen to you people?

I want to use Zbrush for security and optimization! I will not boot into a system like Windows. I don’t have it installed on my workstation, because I don’t need it.

Be Multiplatform!

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The above message seems to be spam

it’s free , more simple and has many other uses but it may not be as powerful as ZBrush in terms of performance or sculpting

Fully functional Zbrush 2018
under Centos7 with qemu and -kvm
tablet pass-through (using the hexadecimal numbers xxxx:xxxx)
running windows server 2012 (could be Windows 8 or 10 as well)
great performance
downside: need to pause the virtual machine to get the mouse back to the host due to pass-through
wacom 6.3.15-3


Thanks Pixologic for adding Windows to my upgraded Mac license so this would work.

P.S. It took days to get this to work, but it sure beat dual booting or trying to install hackintosh on non-mac hardware.



Wait, you are running Zbrush in Windows under Linux on a Macintosh?
That’s like making a turducken and adding a microsoft based security problem to all the grease.
But it works???

Not sure what you mean, but only had a Mac license before.virt-manager-on-centos7-running-windows-server-2012-with-zbrush.jpg



Im not talking to you ease, Im talking to guest911 who supposedly got ZBrush running under Linux

Let’s not let this grow old.
LInux version please!

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I still haven’t given up hoping Pixologic releases Linux version.

Here’s my latest experiment on “ZB on Linux”.
I have installed latest version of ZBrush, 2021.1.1 on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 LTS + Wine 5.0.2, on my old desktop.

Here’s my pc specs. It’s kind of an old specs but ZB runs perfectly. It’s even better than Mac version. (Macs have a problem on running ZBrush caused by 100% CPU usage issue.).

Here’s CPU useage while tweaking around (first half) and Zremeshing (second half). Linux uses all cores good and stable while Zremeshing.

Wacom intuos tablet also works just fine with ZBrush 2021.1.1 on Linux.

Even more, ZBrushCoreMini 2021 also runs perfectly on Linux. :slight_smile:

Nowadays Blender is becoming more and more popular, and it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It runs faster on Linux than other Operating Systems.

Using ZBrush on Linux is really good too. It can be faster than run on other OS Iike Blender does. I prefer using it on Linux to Mac or Windows.
I really wish Pixologic release Linux version officially.

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