Link and Epona

Hey guys,
Never posted here, but I check out the images in the forums quite a bit.
I figured I’d post one of mine.
Here’s a Link and Epona scuplt that I recently completed.

Created back and forth between Zbrush and Max, then colored in Photoshop.

and some model shots:






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Awesome! :+1:
Looks just like a figurine that you can pick up!

Wow! Really beautiful!!!

great work!!!

Thanks for the compliments guys!

I’m a Huge fan of Zelda Ocarina of time, and this work is awesome ! The pose is really great. !

Great work ! :+1:

Ha! That is really awesome. Great job on the weight balance.

@Hellblaster - Thanks! Yea, Ocarina of Time was a huge influence on me when I was younger… loved that game.

@Nyx702 - I struggled with that pose for a while, glad you like it… some coworker friends of mine helped me out with critiques to get it to the pose it’s at now… I’m pretty happy with how it turned out after their suggestions.

This is great stuff! And I’m not even really a fan of the game…:lol:

Hehe, cool stuff man…Positive!

nice model, I liked a lot.