Lineage2 Blade dancer

Hey guys! Im learning zbrush and following ZBcentral silently for 5 years and finally want to post here something myself :3 Id like to show you my last work. It`s a dark elf from Lineage2 :slight_smile:

The whole sketcing and modeling process was in zbrush (and some retopo in maya), textirung in substance painter, rendering in vray :slight_smile:
I made it for 2.5 months on weekends






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This is how body and rough armor sketch looked like

Modeling hairs. I found important to keep all locks separate frome each other to make clean forms
I used crease tool to make hard edges and then beveled it with bevel button.
other views







Very beautiful girl. Such a pleasing curves. Instantly goes to my inspiration folder.

Spectacular work! :+1:


Edit: Only minor crit I have is, for a dark elf, the face seems a bit too much on the cute side. A darker, much more sensual look would seem more appropriate, I’d say. But that’s just my two cents. :wink:

Vir Norin
Thank you! :roll_eyes:

thanks! You are right - dark elves usually has different character - more evil or menacing :slight_smile: Its just my autors choise to make her cute and innocent looking ^^

Of course I visited your Artstation page before I comment here. You have several other interesting works there.
This is really very good work indeed.
And congrats with your well-merited top-row!

Aha! Still, as the face is now, I think she’d be perfect as a “regular” elf, but your work, your call. Great work nonetheless and much deserved top row indeed! :slight_smile:



Awesome work! Great details and design! :slight_smile:

Erik Heyninck, highlander_72, MichaelMaehring, rodrigo.g
thanks guys!

Really, really a beautiful work! Congrats for the top row too.

Impressive… Well done!

It’s nice Zbrush work. Can’t really say I like the exaggerated female proportions which are a bit ridiculous.

As a former GM on Lineage II, I have seen lots of concept art for this game. I love the Dark Elf race the most, my In Game GM avatar was a female dark elf bow user and I personally played a female dark elf Phantom Ranger named “Soul Merchant” on Hindemeth. Having said that I LOVE this piece, it captures the essence and feel of what the NC Soft Devs had in mind for this race. GREAT JOB! :+1:

Jet Blaque
GM Shade, Hindemeth

…charactere! :sunglasses:

Just wondering if you sculpted this strictly for a game or if you did a full resolution sculpt using Dynamesh and ZRemesher for your lower poly counts?

The reason I ask is often most replies are typical “great work” and such which is nice to hear, but often not informative. I understand why and please take my comments that way too, in they don’t want to be critical in any way of someones hard work. Having said that, I would state that I have taken some anatomy classes by Ryan and found a few things that seem off.

This sculpt appears to be a Barbie and Ken style, in how generic the body is overall, with little detail. Assuming it was to save time and for a game only that’s fine. However, I can’t help but see the size and proportions are off. It’s hard to tell from the pictures you posted, but it appears to be about 8 heads high. For a female, that should be lower of course and not the same as a male character. The rib cage details are missing and don’t appear to be correct. Also, her hips and thighs are not in scale and seem too big and extended. You can see this in the outer leg thigh areas as it leads to the hip and back.

Again, I’m not an anatomy expert like Ryan is and don’t come close to those experts. I understand the work it takes and just thought I would ask about some of your design decisions for the character and mention some of what I was seeing. Wish you the best in your character works too. :slight_smile:

Gilberto Magno, Regnas, steve33, Frenchy Pilou,
thanks!! ^^ :o

thank you man! :)) I also played much and knew some GM guys at our server in Russia :slight_smile: It`s a pity that there are almost no 3D fanart of Lineage universe :frowning:

thank for your comment! Its not for a game - only for vray rendering :) Such propostions and absence of details is the way to achieve stylistic look. You can google Kingdom death figures as example. Or dark elf from lineage itself. She is soooo far away from realistic female for sure! You know in comic art astist make even more than 8 heads long proportions when they draw strong characters :) You are right about ribcage and tights at naked shot - not very well made, but for me her body worked well when she gets dressed and posed so I didn`t bother to spend more time on it :slight_smile:
Ryan Kingslien is a great teacher!

I think it’s a great work!

I’m newbie with zbrush, but I want to know what image did you take as base to make the body… or if you based your work on the kingdom death characters… Could you show us more about how do you make the body, please? Thanks and congrats! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks! I found a lot of different references on body - 2D and 3D. I uploaded them so you can see :slight_smile: https://yadi.sk/d/mcpeh5qTnAXtr

Congrats for the Top Row ! Your piece is really Amazing ! colors, texture, sculpt and render are just GORGEOUS, Very well Done and that is a pleasure to see work of this stylisation quality.