Limit Slider Decimal Point Precision

Is there a way that I can limit the slider decimal point precision?

I’m re-computing some slider values, my slider precision setting is 0.01, but my slider is showing: 22.14175, going farther past the decimal point that I’d prefer


Unfortunately there’s no way around this. If you set the slider resolution to 0.1 then the slider seems to display the floating point values irrespective of what you actually input, and there’s no way (that i have found) to alter the precision.

For example, I wrote some code that resets the slider so that if the value is, say, 7.006 the slider is reset to 7.01 but what it actually displays is 7.00999.

oh dang… thanks Marcus. I’ve seen that weird .99999 issue before too. I set the mesh position and scale values quite often in script, so something like 2.0 supplied to the slider, ends up being displayed as 1.999999 or something.