lil'sister's dump (slight nudity)

I guess it’s my turn to do a sketchbook, :slight_smile:

I will start with this concept sculpted (4 hours) and textured (2 hours) 100% in Zbrush from a cube.
I then use a mid-res arround 100 000 polys with a normal map, rendered in 3ds max 9 with mental ray.

I’ve also made a timelapse movie

I combined 2 displacements 1 cavity map (made in zbrush) and an ambiant occlusion map (Xnormal) to create a detailed base for my diffuse (I will then combine my polypainted texture with it)

really cool - cool lookin character:+1: :+1:

Are you kiddin’ you’ve been keeping a sketchbook since your birth:lol:
Very cool post man .
Like the form and presence very much.
Good zbrush exploit lesson in texturing base.
Keep posting…I’ll be watching:sunglasses:

allways like your stuff. wonderful:+1: :+1:

cool monster head! :+1: :+1: :smiley:

Thank you so much for starting up a sketchbook: now I can be certain I won’t miss a single post! The snake dude looks great, thanks for posting the video :+1: .

4 hours :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: oh wow… this is what I´m dreaming of :smiley:

Awesome model :+1: :+1: :+1: and I love those colours.
And really cool that you´ve textured it with Zbrush :slight_smile:
Kind regards

like I’ve said already - love the eyes, very original design:+1:

nice character ! cool eyes !

Just too cool man.

Thanks a lot guys!!! :slight_smile:

I just finished a little Throne design.
It was done in 2 hours.
I made a simple basemesh in 3dsmax 9 then it’s all sculpted in zbrush, there is no textures only matcap materials. this is a real time screenshot in zbrush. there is 1.064 million polys

you can find a timelapse movie there

the matcaps used are GW_worngold and a modified RS_Silicon

VERY cool work!!!
best regards, Selwy

look great david :+1:

Always cool to see stuff other than characters done in ZB, but your character are awesome too!

Wow…that alien head you have is super super cool…Amazing quality and very beautifully designed. :+1: :+1:

Nice Dump :+1:

Good to see more of your work here.

hey david!

beautiful design on the alien. and thanks for the texturing mini tut.


great work man, love the style of sculpting you do.

hey sis, that throne is sick. it inspired me to go find that gold mat you mentioned, but the website that was hosting it is all kinda screwed up so could you do me a favor and just upload it here? owe u one, thanks

There are a couple gold MatCaps in the metals section of the MatCap Library. :slight_smile: