Lilith - Diablo IV Cinematic Model

Can finally share some images and work I did for Lilith’s cinematic model along with my insanely talented teammates at Blizzard Cinematics. Huge modeling / sculpting group effort with Brian Fay, Kenny Huang, Jessica Dru Johnson, Taso Gionis, and Chris Bostjanick along with all the Art Directors and supervisors, Directors, Gerald Brom who did her amazing concept art, all the riggers, animators, and technical artists that were involved, just so many people. I had a blast doing sculpting / modeling and texturing on her high-res asset along with my great colleagues. Hope you like it, Lilith is here!

Also be sure to checkout more hires turntables, images, and behind the scenes on my artstation post: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Alkz5N Thanks for stopping by!

Billboard Ad in New York

Lilith Statue at Blizzard Campus <3


Great work Jamir :clap: That NY billboard against the smokey sky is amazing :wink: Thanks for sharing here.


That’s crazy

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Thank you Jaime!! Haha no problem :wink:

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thank you bro !

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good job