Likeness Model of Mehran Modiri - Created By Esfandiyar Ebadi

Greetings my dear friends

I have finished my new likeness model of one of most famous Iranian Actor, Director and Singer, Mr. Mehran Modiri and I would like to share my renders and simplified screenshot from my ZBrush workspace.

I have shared these pictures on my Instagram page as well…

Please check my Instagram page if you would like… here is my Instagram page: @EsfandiyarEbadi.Official

Mehran-Modiri--Created-by-Esfandiyar-Ebadi.jpgMehran-Modiri--Created-by-Esfandiyar-Ebadi-2.jpgMehran Modiri-Created By Esfandiyar Ebadi-Workspace.jpgMehran Modiri-Created By Esfandiyar Ebadi-4.jpgMehran Modiri-Created By Esfandiyar Ebadi-3.jpg


Mehran Modiri-Created By Esfandiyar Ebadi-4.jpg