Lightwave normals again (tnx to Lynx3D)

Someone needs to give the guy a knighthood for sorting the LW displacment community out with this awesome plugin.

Anyhoo, had to have a quick go.




Hope you are all keeping well. Sorry I don’t pop in as often as I used to but little Joshua is taking his toll on my time and sanity.


Hey nice model, love the eyes :slight_smile:
Isn’t it possible to do bump and displacement in one (one diplacement map)?
Thanx for popping in anyway you’ve inspired me to mess around a bit with displacementmaps again
:smiley: .

Hey Glen! Nice work as always, and it’s great to here from you again! I’d like to say I know what you are going through with the little one, but I don’t have any of my own. All I can say is it probably won’t get much easier… LOL! :wink:

Thanks for sharing this, and I really love the eye!

looks great

Someone needs to give the guy a knighthood for sorting the LW displacment

well in my book theres no one better than you.

love your stuff, mostly your work that steered me to ZB. Still hacking at it.


Cool Tut :+1:

For me the Linx plug in doesn’t work… :frowning:
Could you share some info about the setup?
It’s my fault or Lightwave does’nt work with 16 bit tiff?

Lightwave don’t have a 16 bit tiff loader…Until now…Lynx Wrote one…Works a charm…: )



Use the plugin as Dickie has pointed out. Lynx wrote about this in another thread somewhere: just load the plugin into Layout then use image editor to bring the .TIF into Lightwave. Image editor then shows you depth (32), Size (2048x2048) and even mem. (16 meg). If I don’t have the plugin loaded I can’t bring the displacement .TIF in at all.

I find I have to reload the tiff16bps.p plugin ever time I start Lightwave for some reason (don’t know if this is supposed to happen or if it’s me)


I’ll try

that plugin work great, but i found some problem if i use it under screamernet.