LIFE-SIZE Dinosaurs, Megalodon and other creatures for WA Museum Boola Bardip

Huge post for the huge models! :smile:
Amazing project by WA Museum Boola Bardip.
Scientific and technical advisors: Dr Mikael Siversson, Dr Steven Salisbury and Daniel Schoknecht

I was responsible for design and modeling of the original 3D-prototypes.
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Oobardjidama foulkesi (Broome sauropod) - a real life-size dinosaur sculpture, 16 meters long, created with help of modern technologies, 3D-printing and a huge amount of manual work.
Real photo:

3D prototype model:

More photos:

Test renders:

Zbrush sculpt:

Mounting process:

More details in the article here.

All the sculptures below have been 3D-printed and assembled by CDM:Studio Pty Ltd:

A huge thanks to CDM:Studio for beautiful photos!

Megalodon head. Each tooth is based on the real 3D-scanned fossil.
Render in Keyshot:

3D-printing, assembling and painting by CDM: Studio

More Keyshot renders:

Polypaint in ZBrush:

Sculpting WIP:

More information about the model is here.
And here.

Megalosauropus broomensis
Real photos:

WIP render:

Luluichnus mueckei

Test renders and screenshots:

Leptocleidus clemai and Platypterygius
Museum photos


A couple of more photos from the museum:


Hello friend
It’s such a wonderful piece of work no matter how many times I look at it!

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WoW! That’s amazing @Vlad_Konstantinov thanks so much for sharing these pictures and process :clap:

EPIC! Sets a new standard. makes me cry for our local museum. No more looking at support wires and scaffolding! Amazing accomplishment!
…“it’s only a model” ~ Monty Python Holy Grail