Lidia - Princess of love (19 Feb 2020)

Meet, this Lydia - the princess of love and pleasure. She is from the planet Satistar. Race - Lovelis. The inhabitants of this planet have a green skin tone, there are no eyebrows, eyelashes, and the skin is absolutely smooth - without pores. That is, by sight - it’s like some kind of mannequin. But don’t you dare call her “Mannequin”, or she unleashes hell… If you make her angry, then from a princess of love - she turns into a princess of hell. When these creatures are in love, their hair is folded into hearts. With her own eyes, she hypnotizes the idol and thus takes possession of him. Even if he (she) flies away from this planet, the princess will come to him at night.

I used Zbrush for sculpting(from the mannequin), Blender for the rig(to experiments with pose), Maya+Xgen+Arnold6GPU for rendering.