Liberty Belle nose art

I had about 2 weeks to make a WW2 aircraft nose-art 2 sided t-shirt design - most of which I spent refurbishing a free Liberty Bell model. The new 3D text and arc deform in 4r8 made this part of the project realizable. The figure is Genesis from DAZ Studio, as are the accessories, except for the weapon which is from free 3d models, likely ripped from a game. I have a more accurate model of an M2, but lacked the time to take it into Substance Painter for texturing - everything was rendered out in Zbrush with only the textures on the gun, hair, gold vest, boots and Liberty’s face imported unaltered. I say only, but that’s almost the majority of items, innit? :confused:

Out of DAZ

W/unaltered bell in DAZ

after refurbish in Zbrush

Layout WIP

base render in Zbrush after all matcaps oriented towards main light source.

After compositing with 15 different materials and light combos rendered in Zbrush

Assets repositioned and light source + matcaps reoriented. Since lights aren’t 3d objects in scene, shadows could not be matched exactly. Flipped pic of the front view on image plane used to best align camera to match front of shirt.

After another 17 layers of compositing. Considering making this my first Marmoset Viewer piece…if I can find the time to learn that process.

Thanks for viewing, Cafe Press has the shirts and other stuff with this design.