Let's move on _ The Girl & the Gull

Hi everyone !

Here’s a project for my 2nd year of school. I started working on it on January 2018, and finished it in June.
I’m not satisfied with the hair, so I’ll maybe make them if I have time one day…

Scuplt and texture of the girl, gull, fish and waterlilies were made in Zbrush. Basemesh of the dress was made on Marvellous Designer and sculpt details on Zbrush. Render, water effect on Maya Renderman.

I hope you’ll like it, and I’m obviously open to criticism, to improve my next projects.


Now let’s talk more about the story around:

When I was a child, my biggest dream was to fly, so I wanted to be a pilot and fly all day long.But one day, I realised I sufferd from vertigo. So I had to give up this dream. At the same time, I spent a lot of time in the water.
The Gull symbolized childhood, and the water represent adulthood.
Today, a young woman afraid of heights seeks refruge in the water, trying to reconnect with the little girl she once was.
She has a desire of not growing up, stay a child, carefree and farfrom adult’s problems and responsabilities.
There’s a constrast between the fear of heights, seeking refuge in the water; and the fear of growing up, seeking refuge in her childhood.
That looks like she’s completely lost.
She would like to revitalized her old desire of flying. Firstly to keep this childish part and never completely growing up, and secondly to let her take her flight and accept to be an adult.
But for now, she’s just lost, drowned by adulthood, bevause it’s wgere she has to be, where everybody has to be.

Here’s the turntable version: