Leonardo - Ninja Turtles !

Hey hey!
This is a sculpture i did last year on my “Digital Sculpture” class here in Brazil, based on a awesome concept art of Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura. I choose this concept because of its versatility as a character.
With this sculpture i would approach anatomy, style adaptation, subtools creation ( dynamesh/ shadowbox, etc), refinement , alpha creation and application, transposing and final adjustments.

Wierdely, i’ve seen many TMNT models lately, but i think it still worth sharing this one…

I’m doing a compilation of “making of” videos for this guy, hopefully will post it here soon.






amazing!! tartarugas ninjas eh mt bom, ficou mt foda!

LOVE the shell details and skin textures. Well done.

Nice work. Leo looks like a bruiser.
Reminds me of some concepts I saw where the artist dropped the Teenage part and sketched some gnarly grown up Ninja Turtles. Love it.

The skin texture is great, totaly sets him apart from the other TMNT designs I’ve seen of late.

was this rendered in Keyshot? The lighting is really well done too.


This looks fantastic. My only crit and its a small one: the sword position is a bit weird. what’s he doing with it? it’s almost like he’s either unsheathing it or sheathing it but missed the scabbard. Anyways, minor crit but just looked a bit off in the back render. great work nonetheless!

Good work! One the best ninja turtles sculpt seen recently, specially the shield and skin details. Great render for presentation:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

looks like he has what i think herpies looks like :stuck_out_tongue: polypaint will fix that

thanks a lot guys!
really apreciatte the feedback!
here is some Zbrush shots

My Favorite Ninja Turtles!! Leonardo~!! Nice Sculpt there mate,love the details on Leonardo!! Would love to see a Texture and Lookdev version of it :smiley:

Nice nice!!

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Awesome man!

Really good, Steiner!
The pose is convincing, the level of details is really cool and balanced. I liked his skin too.
Ypu managed to reach a balance between cartoon and realistic proportions that sounds tuned. Good sculpt!